1. CHAPTER 18: Third Retirement 2010-2020


In February 2010 it was back to Africa again to be the main speaker at a Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA/CMA) seminar. In December 2010 we cruised the Danube on a Viking ship, enroute back to Africa, to Tanzania for the wedding of grandson Caleb January 2011. In 2012 we went to DC and had a great reunion with my former AMREF deputy Elkanah Absalom, who was now Kenya’s Ambassador to US. In 2013 we visited granddaughter Sandra in Costa Rica and helped with a community health program in Nicaragua. Also in 2013 we attended the 50th anniversary of the Lane Family Reunion in Alabama and there were two weddings. In July 2014 came another Family Reunion in Taos. In December 2014 we were on another Viking River Cruise, this time down the Rhone. At the end of the cruise it was back to Africa again for a Serengeti Safari with colleagues from KCMC days. In Albuquerque in 2015 there was a wedding, a great grandson birth and a Wheaton College graduation. In 2016 we visited California, Montana and Texas. In 2017 we welcomed a delegation of offspring from Tanzania to Albuquerque to celebrate the birth of another great grandson.

NOTES (yet to be written)
February. I gave the Keynote talk at the biennial Seminar of CMDA at Brackenhurst.
December We took a Viking Cruise up the Danube from Budapest to Nurenburg. Thence flew to Tanzania.

January we were in Tanzania for Caleb’s wedding to Heleen.

Trip to DC visiting relatives and Kenya’s Ambassador Elkanah Odhembo

Costa Rica visiting Sandra and Nicaragua with AMOS organiz.
COSTA RICA. We visited granddaughter Sandra (US Foreign Service) and also some relatives who were co-founders of “Monteverde”, the Quaker colony there.

NICARAGUA. We shared ideas and practices for promoting healthy Community-Based Development with AMOS, a Christian NGO. “Stirring the pot” in Nicaragua.

Roy and Betty at Lane Family Reunion 2013

ALABAMA. At Point Clear we joined Betty’s extended family for the Lane Family Reunion. There were seven Lane siblings so attendance exceeded 200. Expectedly our kids and grandchildren set mileage records getting there.

Shaffers at the August 2013 Lane Family Reunion

Rhone River and Africa trip

May Eileen grad. Wtn
California for Laura Barnett’s funeral

Armes to Tz. for six weeks.

Talk at Kirkland Air Force Base for Holocaust Memorial (See Chapter 3 “Off to War”)

CES retirement from AISD.

26 Dec 2016  Family get together at Point Grill, Mariposa, New Mexico (30 sec video)

Family singing Dad’s song “Oh Africa!” at Point Grill, Mariposa. (31 sec Video)



A special summer treat was the presence in Abq. of the “Olasiti Gang” namely Steve and Marilyn (Simonson) and their daughter Serena and her husband Andre (Badenhorst) and their son Otto. They were here for Serena’s delivery of a second child, Ivan, born at Dar al Luz where Otto was also born.

OUR SIX KIDS IN 2018 (a review)

TOP LtoR Gini,Betsy,Marilyn,Carolyn FRONT LtoR Dan,Roy,Betty,David. Summer 2017 Albuquerque NM

DAN is edging into retirement from the graphics field. He enjoys photography and shown has shown his photos in many exhibits. Wesley Pulkka of The Albuquerque Journal writes, “(Dan’s) works celebrate geometric abstraction at the highest level.” More of Dan’s work can be found on his website danshafferphoto. 

DAVID retired after 38 years in education (from KG to Principal in three overseas countries and two states). Overseas David escorted students on learning field trips into new areas and cultures. In New Mexico he was father-figure to many kids from culture-empoverished homes. Through his IT skills he does much to preserve the fabric of family and friendships around the world. Debbie and David enjoy having Debbie’s mother live with them in Albuquerque.

CAROLYN has also retired (from teaching French in four overseas countries and two states). She also led many learning expeditions of students in faraway places. She lives with us in Albuquerque and teaches part-time at Alliance Française.

  • MARILYN (Simonson) is still teaching “Special Needs” kids at Arusha International School. Her joyful avocation is horsemanship and being the doyenne of their “hacienda” in Arusha, Tz.

BETSY (Benson) trained as a nurse but has spent most of her time raising her kids in four African countries and DC. She has survived a serious encounter with an “astrocytoma”.

GINI (Armes) trained in nursing but then spent time with John in the the military in Germany, Japan, Alaska, Arizona and finally New Mexico. With the maturation of her daughters she has been merging back into nursing (Quality Control).

To our great joy four of them (Dan, Dave, Carolyn and Gini) live here in Albuquerque.

Our 15 grandchildren and 9 Great-grandchildren are scattered from Missoula to Albuquerque to Belgrade to Arusha to George (S.Africa).

See Roy and Betty Family Tree (Appendix D)

Summer:”Tanzanites” at Euclid and Ivan born

February 2018

Roy’s 93rd Birthday

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