May this find your home in peace and counting blessings.

May it find a world with a bit more peace and a lot less corruption, terrorism and jingoism. We continue comfortable in poor-rich New Mexico. But our feet still get itchy. In the spring we visited family and friends clockwise around Florida (Clermont, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Naples and Ft Lauderdale).

We spent five summer weeks mixing tourism and “teaching”in Southeast Asia. China is a mind-boggling kaleidescope or “Pandora’s Box”of new-old and old-new.

The scene in Bangladesh might be called “vibrant poverty”!It was an enriching experience. But the best was the time with Carolyn and her life at the International School, Dhaka.

Cambodia is still not out of the shock of the scorched earth Pol Pot policies. Anghor Wat was a great wonder of architecture and, equally a great enigma of human governance.

Our Thanksgiving was adorned by the presence of three granddaughters from north and east. Our Christmas will be “jolly-fied” by the togetherness of 23 of our immediate clan. We will be sharing many blessings and expectations.

(Letter follows)


Our Christmas rang with the happy interactions of 23 of our clan together here. We hope your home likewise was warmed with peace and blessing. We pray for more reason for the season and that international diplomacy can shift from swords to plowshares.

We continue healthy and comfortable in poor/rich New Mexico. But we still get itchy feet. In the spring we visited family and friends clockwise around Florida: Clermont, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Naples and Ft Lauderdale.

We spent five summer weeks in South East Asia mixing tourism and teaching. China is a mind-boggling kaleidoscope or Pandora’s Box of old-new and new-old. Relatively speaking it has burst wide open to the outside world in recent years. We were in the southwest working out from Kunming. Though “less developed”, the area has the markings of a future economic juggernaut. We delighted in the ancient towns of Dali and Leijang. They reminded us of Lamu and Zanzibar.

Cambodia is hardly out of the shock of the scorched earth and killing fields policies of Pol Pot. We were very impressed by our host organizations’ package of strategy, technology and spirituality being marshaled to facilitate truly community-based development. Anghor Wat is a great wonder of architecture and a greater enigma of human governance.

In Thailand (the Siam of “Anna”) pervasive social graciousness and smiles don’t quite hide the inequalities. Bangkok held many cultural fascinations as well as being our “hub”.

In Bangladesh we stayed with Carolyn in Dhaka and also traveled for teaching in a very rural setting. Our workshop evoked many happy memories of similar workshops in rural E.Africa.

We plan to attend the graduation of granddaughter Serena Simonson from Wellesley College in May. Outside of that our calendar is as yet a matter of competing geographic temptations.

      Roy and Betty




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