Following are a few details of our year:

HOSTING. For a change this year we stayed within US and most of our family came to us, some from the opposite side of the world.

Every Tuesday PM we delight in great-grandchild-sitting. Roy’s three sisters visited and we enjoyed numerous overnights of friends from afar.

TRAVELING. In March we took a two week “Clan-and-Country” drive through Bryce, Zion, Southern California and home via Tucson. In the CA segment Betty enjoyed a 4-sisters reunion.

Two visits to Wheaton and two RVA Reunions refreshed our thinking about the past. Our first Elder Hostel put us on the trail of Lewis and Clarke in Montana.

We will be spending Christmas with Betsy and family in DC, with the bonus presence of Carolyn, Emily and Sandra.

MILESTONES. Birth of Jaime, our second “great” to Ben and Kristin in April. Rachel’s graduation from Albq. H.S.and start at Colorado College.

Caleb’s  graduation from ISM Moshi and intro. to USA and  CA Lutheran U.

Gini’s husband John’s ceremonial retirement from 20yrs in the Air Force.

A “vicarious” celebration relates to Kenya. In the ‘70s Betty was Principal

of a kindergarten in Nairobi, where the Mathai boy was brought regularly by his mother. We were delighted to hear in the international press, in November of the award of a Nobel prize to that gallant mother, Wangare Mathai.

CIVIC. We enjoy the N.M. Symphony four times a year. Memorable this year was the concert with Sir James Galway. We also enjoyed the novelty and enchantment of an evening at the Santa Fe Opera.

New Mexico as usual earned it’s headlines the hard way i.e. by it’s uncertain posture in the presidential election and protracted vote count.

At HOPE E-Free CHURCH we participate on the Missions Committee, “Music and Missions”, “Keen-agers” and a ladies’ Bible Study.

This note is a poor substitute for “chai time” together, but it comes with the same loving regard and hope for improving times ahead for all people.

Roy and Betty





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