Roy and Betty’s 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

We trust this “paper-to-pixel” transition does not lose any of the warmth intended.

(Feb.08. You were missed in this transition. Sorry.)

Our immediate family affairs included a 61st and a 15th.

We celebrated our 61st Wedding Anniversary with a stay at “Ojo Caliente” (hot springs) Spa, NM.

It reminded us of the hot springs we saw in Yellowstone on our honeymoon in 1946.

Our 15th grandchild, Lindi Grace Armes was born on Oct. 13th here in Albuquerque. What a gem!

Our Travel was relatively modest this year. In May we went East, visiting family in Little Rock, and a friend/colleague in Nashville. Thence to DC for G’daughter Ellie Benson’s HS graduation and a clan get-together. In August we attended an RVA reunion in Colorado and visited G’daughter Arlene Simonson, Chief Groom on a horse farm nearby.

Finally, in November we attended great-niece Kristin Lane’s marriage to Kyle Mack in Chicago. This included a related LANE Clan reunion. The combination was an epic of fun and fellowship. We also got up-dated on Chicago. It is vastly different from the city we knew sixty years ago!

Life in Albuquerque is always interesting as we enjoy the symphony, the museums, visiting hospice patients and church activities. Also we enjoy a new member of the household – Simba, whose canine ancestors may have herded cattle on Australia’s outback.

Albuquerque is a “destination” city for more than hot air balloons. Dan and Gretchen lured us here in 1991 and now we together have managed to lure two more families; David and Debbie, Gini and John. Carolyn is with us while on a sabbatical from her teaching post at Dhaka Int. School.

All six of our kids were here together in July. →

Dan       David

            Gini   Carolyn   Betsy     Marilyn

Our diaspora are found around the world: from Ankara (Jessica) to Arusha (Serena and Lane); from Kigale (Emily) to Cairo (Sandra) to Kampala (Betsy and Todd moving there). Marilyn visited here from TZ in July (thanks Steve!). The collegians are: Rachel (Int’l Health) at Colorado College, Luke (Classics) at Macalester, Caleb (Biology and rugby) at UNM and Ellie (Early Childhood Ed. and crewing) at Indiana U. Other cousins, based here in Abq. include Ben, Philip, Eileen and Heidi.

The clan (with spouses) now totals 33

Our Guest Book added names such as: Irobi, Etherington, Klingforth, Cox, Harding, Saxman, Brown, Mahiaini and Valpuri (visiting scholar from Finland). Also Paul Nixon age 83, Roy’s classmate at RVA 1930-39 and Esther Shaffer age 73, Roy’s sister, as the two came through on their honeymoon!

Yes, there’s always something novel “Out of Africa”.

May your year end with JOY and HOPE,  especially within your family.

 Roy and Betty Shaffer

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