Dear Family and Friends,                                     December 2013

Our retirement lifestyle might seem to be in the “coasting” mode. But in 2013 we did get out and around a bit:

FLORIDA.We visited Betty’s brother Jim and wife Arlyne in Miami.Then to Clermont to help Roy’s sister Ruth celebrate her 90th.

COSTA RICA. We visited granddaughter Sandra (US Foreign Service) and also some relatives who were co-founders of “Monteverde”, the Quaker colony there.

NICARAGUA. We shared ideas and practices for promoting healthy Community-Based Development with AMOS, a Christian NGO.

ALABAMA. (No photo) At Point Clear we joined Betty’s extended family for the Lane Family Reunion. There were seven Lane siblings so attendance exceeded 200. Expectedly our kids and grandchildren set mileage records getting there.

NEW MEXICO In July about half our clan were together in New Mexico. We had a hiking get-away to Taos, explored Jemez Mountain and had various get-togethers at homes in Albuquerque. A grand- daughter, Rachel was married to Mike here in September and in December grandson Ben will be married to Laura.

We are kept inspired by New Mexico’s natural wonders and bemused by its hybrid politics. We yearn for de-polarization in DC and wish that the Sermon on the Mount had more resonance on “the Hill”. Of course all that change begins and stems from the individual heart – of each one of us.

A blessed Christmas to each of you,

Roy and Betty


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