Dear Family and Friends of all varieties and vintages,

We trust you are enjoying the meaning of the coming holy day as well as having gratifying personal memories from the passing year. We’ve had a tranquil year, with relatively little travel. Most of our overseas offspring were able to visit us here in Albuquerque.

We visited DC to be with family (Lane) and also Kenya’s Ambassador to US.

We were in California for the funeral of Betty’s sister Laura. This very positive occasion was also a sizeable reunion of Lane-related folk.

We had a short visit with former RVA-ites in Buena Vista Colorado.

Within New Mexico we had a get-away deep in the Jemez Mountain and a visit to the Bosque del Apache Bird Refuge (Sand Hill Cranes etc).

Also a few days with old Tanzania colleagues in Gallup and Canyon de Chelly.

Various granddaughters keep us re-attending the annual Hummingbird Music Camp Concert in the Jemez mountains. And of course we regularly enjoy the Symphony Orchestra here in town. We celebrated our 66th at the famous “66 Diner”.

Our physical frames are well up to warranty (for 1920s era production) though the memory chips are getting a bit uncertain. We rejoice in the near presence of three families who keep us loved and cared for.

With fond memories and warm best wishes,

Roy and Betty



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