From Roy and Betty Shaffer in Albuquerque, NM.

This year three granddaughters gave us three special pleasures: a birth, a wedding and a graduation:

In April in Albuquerque, Marilyn’s daughter Serena (Simonson-Badenhorst) gave birth to Otto Roy. They are now back home in Tanzania.

In May granddaughter Ellie (Benson) was married to Jeff Snyder in DC. The ceremony was in a rural setting, which we “Africans” especially appreciated.

In May granddaughter Eileen (Armes) graduated from Wheaton College, a place redolent with family memories.

In the summer Carolyn was with us on her usual break from Dhaka. We are fortunate to have Dan, David and Gini all living here in Albuquerque. They take great care of us in many ways. They and their offspring are our main form of “recreation”. In addition we enjoy regular symphony concerts, museum visits and travels out in this charming state.

Despite the clouds of terror, may you find personal “shalom/salaam” and opportunities to impart it to others in 2016.              


Roy and Betty


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