Dear Family and Friends

Yes, we two are still “coasting along”. Thankfully, we are more fit than most folks in their ‘90s, though hearing, agility and memory are fading a bit.

The best news of the year was Carolyn’s retirement here from Bangladesh. She has enriched our lives and we have become a happy domestic “troika”. Her “retirement” is modified by some teaching and tutoring assignments through the Alliance Francaise.

The year brought some nice “comings-and-goings”.

In the “comings” were visits by Marilyn and Steve from Tanzania, Betsy and Todd from DC, Naomi and Becky (nieces) from Tz. and Dakota, and Carol (a niece) and John Oldfield from UK.

Our “goings” included trips to California ( sister Eva’s memorial), Missoula (visit to Ballards etc) and Texas (a Shaffer sibling etc. reunion).

We enjoy occasional symphony concerts, rugby tournaments, scenic trips and Albuquerque civic events. In the spring Roy gave a talk at a Holocaust Memorial event at the Air Base. We enjoy events for seniors at our church. For six weeks we had a vicarious trip to Africa as we kept in touch with the Armes family as they retraced Gini and John’s youthful footsteps there.

Various individual offspring keep us tuned to various fields: education, health, development, conservation, relief, research and also, sadly unemployment!

In recent weeks we have rejoiced in God’s creative handiwork in the form of the most splendiferous fall foliage seen in decades. We look forward to being lifted by the spiritual meaning of Christmas.

With love and best wishes,

Roy and Betty



(Shaffer family reunion April, 2016)

Assembling the trampoline was a catalyst of family bonding.

D&D’s arrangements were Delightfully Devoted.

Helpfulness was revealed as a DNA trait in all ages.

The graphics stirred the pot of rich memories.

The group photo revealed 100% beaming faces.

The cousins clicked.

Third generation parenting showed an admirable balance between “carrot” and “stick”.

Digital” has eclipsed electrical influences on family life.

Absentees were made very virtual.

“How far yon candle throws his beam …..in such a naughty world!” (Shakespeare)

Maybe, some day , something similar at Olasiti!

Love, G&G











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