Dear Friends and Family,

In 2017 we enjoyed steady health and the happy companionship of Carolyn.

We did not travel out of US, but rather let the world come to us. We (2) took a delightfully personal 48-hour get-away to the Bosque del Apache bird sanctuary. We stayed at 150-year old “Casa Blanca” B&B. We reveled in a sunrise-snowstorm of snow geese and evening feather-flotillas of cranes gliding in against a sunset sky (see above).

The family keeps us stimulated in various ways. Dan’s photos gain space at numerous juried exhibits. David’s (Carolyn’s) donated kidney is cooperating in his lively retirement. Marilyn with her Simonson clan came from Tanzania to visit and the birth here of “great-number-eight”. Betsy is valiantly coping with a recurrent brain tumor. Gini’s Eileen started grad. school and Heidi started University.

We enjoyed a weekend RVA reunion in Arizona. And in Albuquerque we enjoy things like the Philharmonic, an occasional rugby match, The Messiah, the Sandia Mountains, church fellowship and participation in Holocaust-related events.

We yearn yet-again for some improvement in the political situation in so many countries – especially our own USA! As the psalmist kept mourning, “How Long, Oh Lord?!”

Love, and looking forward to hearing your news,

Roy and Betty

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