Dedication and Acknowledgements by Roy Shaffer

In 1986 my mother Ruth T. Shaffer published her memoirs Road to Kilimanjaro (see inset on cover page) about her life-long service in Kenya with my father Roy E. Shaffer. “Shafari” is my memoir. The hybrid title blends the well-known Swahili word for a journey, safari, with my family name, Shaffer. This memoir extends by another generation my parents’ journey of service in Africa. My own life safaris traversed a variety of continents, countries, organizations, cultures and vocations. These Shaffer safaris started, of course with that call to Africa to my parents Roy and Ruth Shaffer. To them this memoir is lovingly and admiringly dedicated.

The vocational heart of SHAFARI is my efforts to help rural communities to be more self-reliant in protecting and preserving their own health with their own means. Or, put more simply, to make medical clinicians less needed. Such improvement, I believe, is enhanced when participants enjoy the liberating experience of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the one who promised “life more abundantly”. My philosophy and practice are detailed in my two booklets  “Beyond the Dispensary” and “Community-Balanced Development”.

I am grateful for the help received from Dan, Dave, Todd, Esther, Sandra, Allan, Willy and many others.

An Invitation to the Interactive Reader

I welcome your feedback as you read this online memoir.  You will notice there are eighteen Chapters of Text.  Paired with each Chapter of Text is a Chapter of Photos related to that Text. One benefit of the digital age is the ease of shared communication. You’ll find an easy-to-use Reply section at the end of every page. You are invited to share your thoughts and memories. Thus, there can be a social media thread of conversations on this site, not unlike Friends on Facebook. Your name and reflections will become part of this memoir for others to read and respond to. But, your email address will be kept private, being visible only to me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Roy Shaffer

Albuquerque, NM, USA                                                                              February 2018

Roy and Betty Shaffer

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